Jefferson Urgent Care
84 Somerset Boulevard
Charles Town, WV  25414

Medical Director

Sometimes it is not possible to see your family physician.  At Jefferson Urgent Care, we can provide the medical attention on the same day you need it!  Urgent Care may not necessarily mean “fast” care.  At Jefferson Urgent Care, our providers are available at times when your family physician may not be.  We spend the necessary time with you to give you the individual attention that your illness deserves.  At the time of your visit, please feel free to talk to our providers about your illness, and ask any questions which may concern you.

We do not provide medical advice of any kind over the telephone.  Please do not call us and ask questions related to a problem you may be experiencing.  We will be very happy to see you and discuss your problem in detail in our office.

We do not provide ongoing medical care for a chronic problem.  For this type of problem it is in your best interest to have a family physician that knows you and can work with you over an extended period of time.  We will be happy to refer you, and even make an appointment, to one of our fine physicians in Jefferson County.

We are not an Emergency Room, and are not prepared to deal with life threatening emergencies.  If you are experiencing severe chest pain or other life threatening illnesses, you should call 911.  We are available for most other acute medical issues.